Vale da veiga

Vale da Veiga lies in the Douro river banks, where the landscape is dominated by the geometry of vineyards and terraces in shale slopes. Here, man’s strength joined the hand of God and together shaped this rough and stunning land that is the recognized cradle of some of the best Douro wines.

Wines with a face, wines with history, wines with passion, conquered to the shale mountains, ripped to a harsh climate by generations of men and women that, over the ages, learned to extract from the land, true nectars. These are the craftsmen who work from sun to sun, from vine to glass, creating today the wines of tomorrow.

Wines with soul!


To make the best products with what the land provides us, in an environmentally sustainable, socially responsible and economically viable way that inspires future generations.


To produce high-quality wines, honouring the long tradition of the oldest Demarcated Region in the world, reflecting the terroir of our vineyards in Douro Superior.