Made from rigorous selections of the best grapes from each variety and field blends from old vines, our wines have a unique personality that reveals our terroirs character and identity.

Wines with soul, with a story in every bottle.

olive oil

We seek our olive oils to be the expression of our land, valuing the autochthonous varieties and preserving the Douro’s artisan tradition.

Our olive oils are produced using natural methods and traditional processes, preserving the olives’ pure juice from our centenary olive trees.

Directly from the olive tree to your table.


Our bees know the Douro very well because to produce 1 kg of honey, they have to visit almost 5 million flowers!

From the hives located in the Douro mountains, our bees produce thisfloral nectar in a diversified natural heritage’s backdrop.

Sweet and creamy multi-flower honey.