Oliveiras do Côa Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil


    Oliveiras do Côa Olive Oil is produced exclusively from a blend of olives from our olive groves in the region of Vila Nova de Foz Côa in Douro Superior.

    We preserve the cultivation of the best olives from centenary olive trees, respecting old agricultural traditions and under environmental protection systems, without the use of any chemicals.

    The olives are handpicked and go immediately to the mill to preserve all the olives flavors and aromas. With cold extraction, we produce a 100% natural olive oil which preserves all the freshness of aromas and flavors of the olives.

    The result is an olive oil of excellence that represents the entire artisanal tradition of the Douro region.

    TASTING NOTE  | Aromas of fruity olives with notes of grass and olive green leaves. In the mouth it has a light and sweet entry revealing then a slight bitter and soft spicy notes.

    0,1% < ACIDITY
    IND. PEROX. (MEQ O2/KG) ≤ 15
    WAX (MG/KG) ≤ 150
    K232 ≤ 2 | K270 ≤ 0,2 | K ≤ 0,01

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