Vale da Veiga Flower Honey 500g


Also known as thousand flowers honey, our honey comes from the nectar of the different flowers of the Douro mountains, where rosemary, thyme, orange blossom and rock-rose stand out.

It presents a very floral and sweet aroma with a golden amber colour, and in the mouth, it has a creamy and consistent texture.

Honey is a versatile food that we love to have at home, whether it’s tospread on a slice of bread, sweeten desserts, or accompany cheese orcottage cheese.

Hippocrates, in ancient Greece, used to prescribe honey to calm the anxiety of the bride and groom before their wedding, which gave rise to the expression ‘Honeymoon’.


Honey can crystallise, and this is a natural process that guarantees itsquality and purity. When crystallised, honey retains all its nutritional
and energetic properties, as well as aroma and flavour. If you want it to return to its more liquid form, you can warm it slightly in a bowl of hot water.

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