Douro and Porto are wine territories with a vital synergy between them.

The Douro is the “production” territory, the rural component and the point of origin. Porto is the commercial territory and the city, known as the gateway to the wine-growing region and as the wines’ Port of departure to the whole world. Both share the Douro River, once used as a commercial route by wine exporters.

The Douro, due to its history and nature, is irrevocably associated with wines and winemaking. With its unique climate and soil that demands hard work and unique methods of cultivating the land, the Douro’s magnificent landscape creates wines that can’t be found anywhere else on Earth. Port is its brand and, undoubtedly, Portugal’s most prominent global brand.

The territory, and its specific characteristics, constitute a unique wine region, which earned the Alto Douro Wine Region inclusion in UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 2001.

Port and Douro wines are an excellent example of the interaction and positive connection between the region and its wines. It is up to each of us to defend this history’s continuity and preserve it, even though the territory continues to evolve with new generations’ dynamism.